Banila Co. V-Vitalizing essence + cream


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Product Description:

1. Banila Co. V-V Vitalizing Plus Volume Essence

    Simply moisturizing and exfoliating isn't enough if you're after a perfectly flawless skin. Applying essence is of great help as most essences are concentrated with nutrients and ingredients for a more effective treatment.

    The VV Vitalizing Essence is highly concentrated with antioxidant ingredients to prevent the early signs of aging skin. It has cacao extracts that contains a lot of polyphenol, a known antioxidant ingredient that enhances young skin cells for firmer, more voluminous skin.

    The VV Vitalizing line consists of products which contains V-Collagen that firms, volumizes and lifts the skin to help you achieve the perfect V-line face shape. It also has brightening and anti-wrinkling effects to give you more youthful skin.

     2. Banila Co. V-V Vitalizing Intensive Cream
    Aa rich moisturizer that does an amazing job of smoothing out dry patches and skin texture to perfectly prep skin for makeup. This firm, dense cream dries to a soft matte to satiny finish, settling evenly over any irregularities in skin texture to create a primer-smooth surface for makeup.

    Its humectant ingredients deliver a plumpness that fills in fine lines, while its emollients seal in previous treatments and smooth the skin’s surface for a firming effect. Formulated with macadamia seed oil, hydrolyzed collagen, and loads of antioxidant ingredients, this face cream helps to restore skin’s energy and to give skin a youthful bounce. Part of the brand’s “skincare for makeup” V-V line, the V-V cream is your final step to a smoother, sleeker, more volumized facial silhouette.

    Capacity: 1.2mL each