Mamonde Honey Flower Toner (Buckwheat Flower) - 25mL


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Product Description:

Essence toner with the texture and efficacy of nourishing honey that provides elasticity and nourishment to the skin

  • Nourishing power of the
    buckwheat flower

    A 10,000 ppm concentrate of the Mamonde Flower Honey with buckwheat flower extract instantly provides nourishment to the skin

  • Honey-like texture

    The toner with a high viscosity moisturizes skin that has become dehydrated during cleansing

  • Skin moisture barrier
    improvement with propolis

    Propolis extract strengthens the skin moisture barrier, strengthening more as more layers are applied

How to use:

In the morning and evening, after cleansing, take out an appropriate amount and gently apply using the fingers, starting from the cheeks, and tap lightly to absorb.