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Our reward program will help you explore more about our apparel and beauty products and also allows you to generate income by the use of your social media channels with your own influencer code.

What is it to me?

Whenever you're followers make a purchase via our website (apparel and/or cosmetics), you will receive a percentage of sale in Rewards Program

How? That's easy!

*Benefit of 10% Extra Discount on all orders with your influencer account, 

*rewards commission rate up to 15% on all referred orders

*followers discount up to 15% on all orders

*and lastly our sponsored products.

Steps to Join

1. Join our program with qualifying social media accounts.

2. Complete the influencer reward program form

3. Like and follow our social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook Page)

4. Once qualified, you will receive a direct message via email with your influencer reward membership account

Questions? Please Write Us or send us a message via our social media accounts.

To continue with our program kindly read first the TERMS & CONDITIONS