Cre8skin Salmon Oil Face Mask - Premium


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Salmon Oil Mask is rich in salmon oil, roe extract and sodium DNA. It contains vitamins A, B, Omega-3 fatty acids to form skin barrier, and vitamin E with antioxidant effect, that protects skin and makes skin radiant. The serum does not flow down like general mask packs but is rather firmly adhered to the sheet which helps to effectively deliver hydration and nutrition to skin.

The Japanese triple rayon sheet with thick and fine net structure tightly and closely adheres to skin texture and effectively delivers nutrition to skin.


What is Japanese triple rayon sheet (RPT3-90 Japan)?

General nonwoven fabrics sheet is composed of thin single sheet whereas the triple rayon sheet developed in Japan is made by stacking and compressing three sheets of rayon. As it is thicker and holds more serum compared to general nonwoven fabric, it supplies more nutrition to skin.