Etude House Wonder Pore Deep Foam Cleanser Ultra Mint Vinegar - 150g


Product Description:

Upgraded Peppermint Vinegar for upgraded pore care

  • perfect pore cleansing even the ultra fine dust inside the pores
  • x2 peppermint vinegar compare to previous cleanser

Upgraded peppermint vinegar bubble and micro cellulose beads "cleansing synergy"
-it cools the skin down and effectively removes impurities and old dead skin cells accumulated on the skin

Powerful Cleansing Effect to remove ultra fine dust in pores
-cleanse your face without missing any ultra fine dust with micro bubbles

Eye Irritation Replacement Test - HET-CAM Tested

New added ingredients:
Ginko Leaf Extract - protects the skin from fine dust
Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract - Sebum balance care


  • Sebum balance care
  • protects the skin from fine dust
  • pore care from impurities
  • smooth pores
  • smooth texture
  • dead skincare
  • pH balance
  • tight pore care
  • cooling effect
  • hydrating effect

How to use:
Take an appropriate amount on your hand, foam it with water, gently rub it on your face as if you are massaging it, and then wash it clean with lukewarm water.


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