Innisfree Green Tea Probiotics Cream - 20mL

Product Description:
Using a special derma formula, the innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream moisturisers, repairs and protects the skin barrier from external aggressors such as free radicals. The gentle and mild formula uses the famous innisfree green tea amongst other moisturising ingredients for up to 48 hours of hydration.

What are the features of the innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream?
-Uses innisfree green tea fermented probiotics, which are proven to aid with the composition of the skin’s microbiome (protecting it from bad bacteria)
-A soft and satin-like creamy texture, perfect for all skin types
-Using mainly natural ingredients, this product is paraben-free
-Sulfate free
-Alcohol free
-Artificial Fragrance free
-Cruelty free

What does the innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream do?
-Offers a hydrated yet fresh feel to the skin
-Helps to improve the skin’s moisture barrier, preventing moisture loss and improving skin healing time
-Contains probiotics which are used to support the healthy bacterial composition of the skins microbiome

What is innisfree green tea?
This ancient Asian brew boasts a myriad of health benefits. Because the Green Tea you drink is not the same variety used for skincare, innisfree took great care in selecting a breed specifically for its skincare benefits – not for its flavour. Born on innisfree’s organic farm on Korea’s Jeju Island, the Beauty Green Tea was selected from 3,301 green tea varieties. It’s rich in 16 amino acids that help with hydration and moisture.

How to use:
Apply this in the last step of your skincare routine. Spread appropriate amount on desired area of skin to absorb.
If this product is sealed, please ensure the seal is intact prior to using the product.

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