It's Skin Power of 10 Formula WH Effector - sampler


Product Description:

  • Whitening effect- formulated with arbutin and whitening agents
  • Brightenes skin for Fairness with a radiant glow- leaves skin even-toned and noticeably fairer
  • Deeply Penetrating Formula- delivers whiteners and moisturizers through skin's layers

Other information:
WH Effector is formulated with arbutin and whitening agents to tacle dark marks and give skin a bright finish.
Suppresses production of melanin and minimizes damage cause by UV radiation.

If skin has dark marks and is losing liveliness?
Use VC effector for more vivid skin and WH Effector that helps whiten and brighten the skin for even better effects!

How to use:
Place 2-3 drops onto palm and gently pat onto your face and neck until fully absorbed.