Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream - sampler


Product Description:

1. Wrinkle Care: Fermented ginseng water and other wrinkle-fighting ingredients treat deep wrinkles to create healthier, revitalized skin
2. Brightening Care: Wild Ginseng, Deer Antler, and Reishi Mushroom extracts and other brightening ingredients help to brighten dark areas around the eyes
3. Firming Care: Fermented Phellinus Linteus and Ginseng extract help improve skin's elasticity creating firmer skin

Recommended for :

- Those in their late 30's and up

- Those looking to treat deepening, worsening wrinkles

- Those looking to firm sagging skin and improve elasticity around the eyes

- Those affected by dulling skin tone or dark circles around the eyes

- Those looking for a rich, nourishing formula to treat the delicate eye area


How to use:

Apply morning and night after lotion, use fingertips to gently pat in product to absorb.
* Can also be applied around to wrinkles around the lips