Somebymi H7 Hydro Max Cream 50ml


Product Description:

A deep moisturizing cream with in depth solutions.

Septuple Moisturizing Technology
A septuple moisturizing technology that deeply fills from ultra-low molecules to 
high molecules inside the skin.

Skin Elasticity & Whitening
Get skin elasticity, anti-oxidant and whitening at the same time with 2 patent 
ingredients consisting only of natural ingredients.

Deep Healing for tired skin.
The BSASM that is made from the extraction of natural ingredients such as tea 
plant, licorice, and more, rapidly calms the damaged skin.

Deep Sea Water from Ulleungdo
Deep sea water has a mineral balance that is the most similar to the human body 
with a 3:1:1 mineral ratio of which can be quickly absorbed into the skin.

Capacity: 50ml 

Recommended for: All skin types 

How to use:

Apply a suitable amount on entire face and gently pat for absorption.